This page explains the jobs and ranks available in Project Meow:

Basic Ranks: Edit

  • Meowlet (beginner, is assigned to a Cat, who will train them in the basics, until they are ready to become a Cat)
  • Cat (is now able to branch off into other topics, but is still pretty new to everything)
  • Meow (Can now learn more advanced topics, is required to have mastered at least three topics)
  • Kitty (Is required to have mastered at least five topics, including the leading skill.)

Available Jobs: Edit

Battlecat: Edit

  • Battlemeowlet
  • Battlecat
  • Battlemeow
  • Battlepaw
  • Battlekitty
  • Battlemaster

Cat Whisperer: Edit

  • Beginning Cat Whisperer
  • Intermediate Cat Whisperer
  • Advanced Cat Whisperer
  • Master Cat Whisperer
  • Awakened Cat Whisperer

Catology (or Felinology): Edit

  • Beginning Felinologist
  • Intermediate Felinologist
  • Advanced Felinologist
  • Master Felinologist

Bastetology: Edit

  • Beginning Bastetologist
  • Intermediate Bastetologist
  • Advanced Bastetologt
  • Master Bastetologist

Claw Care: Edit

  • Claw Care Apprentice
  • Claw Care Meowlet
  • Claw Care Cat
  • Claw Care Meow
  • Claw Care Kitty

Emotibotany: Edit

  • Beginning Emotibotanist
  • Intermediate Emotibotanist
  • Advanced Emotibotanist
  • Awakened Emotiobotanist

Healer: Edit

  • Beginning Healer
  • Intermediate Healer
  • Advanced Healer
  • Awakened Healer

Guiders/Scouts: Edit

  • Scoutlet
  • Apprentice Guide
  • Guide
  • Master Guide
  • Full Scout

Shadowcat: Edit

  • Apprentice Shadowcat
  • Beginning Shadowcat
  • Shadowcat Meowlet
  • Intermediate Shadowcat
  • Shadowcat Meow
  • Shadowcat Kitty
  • Awakened/Elite Shadowcat

Sub-Clan Creating and Leading: Edit

  • Beginning Leader
  • Intermediate Leader
  • Advanced Leader
  • Full Kitty Leader